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Instead, it is also where the Klingons keep their stash of time crystals, the magical plot devices which enable time travel.

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And now, only one episode later, it suddenly turns out that the Klingons already have a stash of time crystals and presumably time travel capability and do nothing whatsoever with it except put the time crystals in a vault in a monastery and pray over them. Did anybody actually notice this discrepancy? Honestly, does anybody involved with this show pay attention to internal continuity rather than continuity with fifty-three year old episodes at all?

DeCandido here.

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If you must have a pregnancy in your story, it should proceed in the normal way — no conceived yesterday, born today supernatural pregnancies — and should result in an actual baby, which should then proceed to grow up the normal way. Miscarriages are painful for all involved.

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Losing a child is painful. But in popular culture, the characters often care so little that I wonder and worry more about their lost children than they do. So if you must write about pregnancy childbirth, miscarriage or the loss of a child, treat these things with respect and not as a fucking plot device. Star Trek Discovery , however, treats Tenavik as a plot device. The plot would work just as well, if Tenavik had been any old Klingon monk.

But all of those examples are more than thirty years old, so maybe we could treat pregnancy and childbirth not as a plot device in ? On Boreth, Pike picks up one of the time crystals and gets a vision of the future, only to be informed by Tenavik that if Pike takes the crystal away from Boreth, that future will come to pass no matter what. Pike is understandably horrified, but takes the crystal anyway, because the fate of the universe is at stake and his own horrible future is a small price to pay.

Because the Discovery deserves a good captain after the horror that was Lorca. As for the fate of the universe, last we saw him, Section 31 commander Leland was controlled by the rogue AI Control and took off with half of the data from the infodump sphere that Control needs to destroy the universe, while as far as most of Section 31 is concerned, Leland is still a high ranking officer.

Michael believes that the ship has been hijacked by Control and plans to go after it in a shuttle, still keeping the Discovery safely away from Control. Saru agrees, but on one condition. He wants Spock to accompany Michael. So we get yet another chance to watch our favourite brother and sister team in action, exchanging banter and saving the world. And considering how little we have seen of Amanda in fifty-three years of Star Trek history and how little we know about her, the inconstant characterisation was pretty much all the characterisation she ever had. Once Michael and Spock track down the missing Section 31 ship, they find that the entire crew has been murdered.

There is only one survivor. Not that it matters much, because it turns out that the lone survivor is no lone survivor, but was killed and taken over by Control just as Leland was and then used as bait to draw out Michael. And once Michael has taken the bait, Control attempts to take her over via its magic nano-agents and then use her to get to the sphere data.

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Luckily Spock is there to prevent that by magnetising the nano-bots to the floor, allowing him and Michael to escape. Together, Michael and Spock return to the Discovery only to find the ship suddenly surrounded by Section 31 ships under the control of Leland and Control. Hard choices must be made and so Michael suggests that they should destroy Discovery lest the sphere data which as we found out last episode cannot be deleted fall into the hands of Control. Blowing up the whole ship seems a remarkably rash decision, but Pike, who knows a thing or two about hard choices, agrees and calls in the Enterprise for help and to evacuate the Discovery crew.

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Cue cliffhanger…. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. I'm new to Lighting in 3D. Just started working with Unity3D. I was creating a sample for myself to test shadows and there is a problem.

Is it just the mind playing tricks, or something more?

As you can see that i have created two simple walls with two cubes. Also I have setup a directional light. Let's go the backside of the walls to view the problem. Technically the front wall should be blocking the shadow of the back wall. But it is not. I have painted a read line to show that where the shadow of front wall is overlapping the shadow of the other, meaning going all the was through the wall. Why is that happening.

Help please Since the shader that is used might allow shadows to pass, secondly, could you go to player settings and check if you are using forward of differed rendering, since their lighting techniques are very different they might have different results.

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