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Hjalti Daníelsson is CCP's lead narrative creator for the harsh universe of New Eden, the setting for CCP's flagship game, EVE Online. After years working as a.
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Thus begins an arduous, disconnected undertaking to unite this key master and gate keeper in the name of revenge, a dish that--by the end of the novel--is indeed served cold. His only misguided option at this point is to put the price of every lost life on the head of the capsuleer pilot that destroyed his colony. This lackluster trio skitters across several pirate nations, unconvincingly currying favor with wealthy and influential leaders from the dark side of the galaxy.

Drem designs a personal, emo-tainted scheme of vengeance couched in hey-we're-not-all-terrorists societal justice. Ralea, on the other hand, flees from both an excess of drug-addled vice and white-collar crime, while flirting with female empowerment and lesbianism. It's a blatant metaphor for the West versus the Middle East, if the West and the Middle East were oblivious to one another's presence until the final two chapters of the book.

Drem and Ralea add up to little more than vehicles for exploring Wikipedia-like entries to barely touched-upon cultures. People are generalized with convenient labels, actions never speak louder than words, love and hate are reduced to hugs and evil grins, and, except for when Danielsson gets his hands on more sci-fi horror backdrops like Sansha's Nation, then settings rarely bloom into fully-realized locales.

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Were Danielsson capable of a fevered, poetic writing style like that of, say, Conan's Robert E. Howard, then the disparate chapters might find a more favorable light. Too bad Danielsson exposed his short-story roots through impatience and only a tacked-on dovetail to the branched storyline.

The Burning Life adopts an intriguing perspective but runs it aground amidst common fiction pitfalls.

Although considerate readers may appreciate a game of comparisons and contrasts between chapters, those same thoughtful readers will wonder why more time is never devoted to any one person, place, or thing throughout. A new novel set in the world of the popular science fiction online role playing game, EVE. A vicious attack on a deep-space mining colony rains death and destruction on nearly all its inhabitants.

Only a handful survive. Among the shattered survivors is a young man, hell-bent on an impossible revenge. In another part of the universe, a wealthy agent of death finds her tenuous grip on sanity slipping, and is forced to leave everything she's come to know and love. But her last chance at redemption lies in the last place she ever thought to look.

Their respective paths take them through the vast universe of EVE, to galactic empires built on faith, hedonism, discipline, and rebellion. Their fates plunge them into the darkest parts of this galaxy, to encounters with denizens of the chaotic and dangerous pirate kingdoms. And all the while, as each draws closer to what they seek, they begin to realize that the only stakes worth playing for are the ones from which they've run so far away. After years working as a Game Master, possibly the only job in the world where the clientele routinely demands the return of their spaceships, he transitioned to CCP's creative writing team.

Hjalti is the author of more than eighty short stories set in the EVE Online universe, along with various other works including plays and storytelling game fiction. In his spare time, he reads as many books as he can and indulges in sports where he tends to get punched in the head. We all crave a purpose. A fire to spark our lives into action.

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It's this burning life within that drives us to our destinies. But when it burns too deep, or goes unchecked, it can shatter innocent lives in its wake. Read more Read less. No customer reviews.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. August 19, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I'm a big fan of the EVE Online universe but this novel was downright a chore to complete and made all the more disappointing with an unsatisfactory ending.

The story is told through two different sets of characters until the paths of the two meet not dissimilar from other EVE novels but where this lacks is that there really isn't a great story to tell. Its essentially a tour of EVE's empires and pirate factions which is quite cursory and not entertaining for anyone who has already spent some time with EVE. Vengeance against a capsuleer could have been a great story but it took a back seat to the "tour" and in general was poorly executed with a let down of an ending.

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June 10, - Published on Amazon. This book follows the design of the others in the series. Following 2 people simultaniously weaving their stories into each other, shifting over to the other line on a cliffhanger making it eager to continue reading.

If you know about the game it is an easy read and you can relate to alot of the items mentioned. For example they are speaking of acceleration gates of deadspace, these objects ingame are beautifull and it adds to the imagination of the entire story.

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As a capsuleer myself i can indeed feel myself never going to my body inside stations so that little addition is great. Overral good read not to long that it becomes dull. November 11, - Published on Amazon.