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Earth 2 is an American science fiction television series which aired on NBC from November 6, to June 4, The show was canceled after one season of .
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Throughout the series aspects of the relation of Terrians to the planet and to the colonists reflect the history of colonies with native populations and slavery. In "The Enemy Within", Julia is left behind by the group because of her treachery, [22] addressing briefly what punishments are moral or even inhumane. Another aspect of this issue is addressed in "The Man Who Fell to Earth Two ", when the group meets a man named Gaal who claims to be an astronaut but is revealed as a marooned criminal; [23] when it is revealed that G had been used for many years as a penal colony, questions arise as to the motivations of the Council and their right to do so.

In "Redemption", the group encounters a genetically enhanced killer called Z. Note: Due to presentation choices of the network, some episodes of this series were aired out of narrative sequence.

NASA Finds Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

The table below includes the episode numbering of most recent home media release of the series. A group of humans leaves the space stations in Earth orbit to travel to a planet 22 light-years away named G in hopes of a better life for sick children afflicted with an illness known only as "the syndrome".

An advance team will prepare the new colony for the remaining families that will arrive in 26 months; however their craft crash-lands. While scouting for their missing supplies Commander O'Neill is apparently killed by a small creature that True had been nurturing. The advance team find that G is inhabited by subterranean dwelling natives called Terrians who communicate with Alonzo through dreams. Uly is captured and taken underground by the Terrians but Devon brokers a deal and Uly is returned, healed and healthy.

The series premiered on November 6, with a two-hour pilot episode "Earth 2: First Contact" that ran from 7 p. The following week it moved to a regular time slot. On April 23, two individual episodes were aired back-to-back from 7 p. The complete series, comprising 21 episodes including the two-hour pilot, was released on DVD on July 19, in the United States in Region 1 format, on 4 dual-sided discs. The set includes all 21 episodes in order according to the air date—not the production order—resulting in two episodes "Natural Born Grendlers" and "Flower Child" being ordered after the final episode, "All About Eve".

In the order of production, and more importantly of the story line, the episode "Natural Born Grendlers" should have followed "Life Lessons". However, most people place it after "Promises, Promises" because the three Gaal episodes were shown as a group. It corrected the above-mentioned episode order problem by placing them in narrative order, and included a card explaining that the trailers attached to the end of some episodes would not match the corrected play order. Three Earth 2 novels were published between December and May The first was a novelization of the two-part premiere.

The remaining two were original stories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sabato: Information from Answers. Archived from the original on February 4, Entertainment Weekly. November 18, USA Today.

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    Science fiction Action Adventure fiction. Note : This pilot for the series aired as a 2-hour television movie. Day 3 Act 1, John Danziger narrating. Alonzo has Terrian dreams and is unable to sleep. True's pet creature stings Morgan, injecting him with its venom. Gaal tells the group that the creature's sting is not life threatening but will render a human unconscious for a day or two. The group realise that they have buried Commander O'Neill alive and return to save him.

    Daniel Sackheim.

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    Jennifer Flackett. Two weeks after the crash Act 1, True Danziger narrating.

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    Gaal attempts to befriend True to enable him to accomplish his goals when he sees the lack of attention she receives from the others. He attempts to disrupt the survivors' encampment until his identity is discovered by Yale. Gaal is then banished from the camp. Gaal abducts several Terrians and uses them as slave labour, coercing them with torture. Uly begins to become ill again and Alonzo discovers that Uly's wellbeing is linked to the Terrians. Gaal is then taken underground by the Terrians. Day 21 Teaser, Devon Adair narrating. The colonists discover a third escape pod with people infected by a disease.

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    • The disease turns out to have been caused by a chip that was inserted into a crew-members brain back on earth. Grendler saliva is discovered to be the cure. The character first appeared in Justice League of America vol. At the start of the Silver Age , characters such as the Flash and Green Lantern were revamped for more modern times, ignoring or abandoning established continuity and thus making a clean break between the two eras.

      Superman was one of the few exceptions; his stories had been published without interruption since his debut in Action Comics 1. It was eventually resolved that there were two Supermen. Several differences between the two Supermen were established to clarify the distinction.

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      Kal-L's costume was largely adapted from the s drawing style, retaining the famous sweatshirt wrist-cuffs, while his S-shield symbol was originally very different from the main Superman S-symbol, adapting the s six-sided version with the tail endings and hard-left tilt of the S-edges. Some artists such as Alex Ross and others, including Justice Society series artist Dale Eaglesham , continued to use the specific six-sided s S-shield after Perez's change for Kal-L.

      These choices not only helped DC Comics to restore continuity to some of the character's Golden Age stories, but also led them to experiment with a Superman other than the mainstream one. Several differences between Kal-L and the better-known Kal-El were introduced.

      Kal-L was written to be different from the original Golden Age Superman, most famously by revealing his dual identities of Clark Kent and Superman to the woman he loved in the late s, the Lois Lane of Earth-Two , and eventually marrying her in Superman" in DC's Superman Family series, which was very different from the original published Superman stories of the s and s, in which Kent kept his secret from Lane and never married her.

      As Superman, Kal-L was considered the first public superhero in the history of Earth-Two , being the first individual to appear regularly in a colorful costume and display superhuman abilities, in contrast to earlier part-time super-powered heroes such as Dr. In a contended [ vague ] story, Kal-L received some brief training in his teen years from his Earth-One counterpart , after Superboy was accidentally hurled into Earth-Two and back in time several decades to the early s.

      Earth 2? Scientists study rocky, Earth-sized planet 700 light years away

      This suggests that the story relates to another Kal-L counterpart in the pre- Crisis infinite multiverse , rather than to the actual Earth-Two Superman. Kal-L began fighting evil on a local level in his base of operations, the American city of Metropolis. Later in his career he would consider first the entire United States and then the whole world under his protection. He subsequently appeared with it in two published adventures during the s, aiding them on several other occasions retroactively [ clarification needed ] as a member of the World War II All-Star Squadron.

      He built a secret citadel in the mountains outside Metropolis as his headquarters, as shown in Infinite Crisis , and eventually built a Fortress of Solitude comparable to that of his Earth-One counterpart. In later years, Kal-L was considered an elder statesman of Earth-Two's superhero community, the one that later generations of superheroes looked to as an example and role model. All three brothers were members of the ruling scientific council exiled from Krypton after they attempted to conquer the planet.