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The Society of the Muslim Brothers better known as the Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational Initially, as a Pan-Islamic, religious, and social movement, it preached Islam in The movement was also supported by Saudi Arabia, with which it shared .. Then-U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meeting with then- Egyptian.
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Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States

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  2. Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States.
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The unofficial voting tally shows Beshear ahead by just over 5, votes. The Associated Press declined to call the election, citing Bevin's protest and By Mairead McArdle. The early Trump administration batted down warnings from career U. Some diplomats, including those at the U. Embassies in White House. According to former Brotherhood activist Mustafa el-Nemr, more than , families have reason to seek retaliation against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. El-Nemr now lives in Turkey after serving a prison sentence in Egypt. El-Nemr observed that younger Brotherhood members are stepping into leadership roles in Egypt.

Source: Time. Following meetings between the Hamas leadership and the Egyptian government in March , Hamas denied any links to the Brotherhood. Sources: Al Jazeera , Reuters , Haaretz.

Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States

Wilayat Sinai leaders have reportedly met with Hamas to discuss military coordination. Hamas has purportedly used its fledgling drone program to spy on Egyptian military positions on behalf of Wilayat Sinai. Hamas has also allegedly given Wilayat Sinai access to its network of underground tunnels beneath the Gaza-Egypt border. According to a report by Ynet News, Hamas paid Wilayat Sinai tens of thousands of dollars a month through to smuggle weapons from the Sinai into Gaza, while Hamas has also smuggled weapons into the Sinai.

Wilayat Sinai fighters have also reportedly received medical treatment in Gaza. Relations between Hamas and Wilayat Sinai began to unravel in Hamas agreed to boost its security presence along the Sinai-Gaza border as part of a reconciliation agreement with the Egyptian government. That June, Hamas began constructing a buffer zone along the border to decrease smuggling in exchange for Egypt loosening its closure of its border with Gaza and providing electricity to the territory. In January , Wilayat Sinai released a video in which the group executed one of its members accused of smuggling weapons to Hamas.

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Source: Al-Bawaba. Source: U. Congress , U. Department of the Treasury.

He was also a senior Brotherhood leader, according to the U. He later operated a charity in the Philippines that allegedly funneled money to the Abu Sayyaf Group and also laundered money for bin Laden.

Trump's 'Muslim lockdown': What is the Center for Security Policy?

He was killed in The U. According to the U. Sources: U. The bill called for the United States to designate the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and listed former Brotherhood members who went on to join al-Qaeda and were later designated as terrorists by the United States.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Jihad Against the Coptic Church

Sources: Atlantic , Long War Journal. Ayman al-Zawahiri co-founded al-Qaeda with Osama bin Laden in Years earlier, he had joined the then-outlawed Brotherhood as a teenager in Egypt, for which he was arrested at age According to these conversations, while president, Morsi allegedly colluded with al-Zawahiri to release terrorists from Egyptian prisons in order to garner support for the Brotherhood. He was born in Kuwait in The Brotherhood was technically illegal in Kuwait, but the government allowed it to operate in order to maintain control.

Mohammed watched as his older brother Zahed became a Brotherhood student leader at Kuwait University. Following his brother, Mohammed began attending Brotherhood-run camps at the age of After high school, Mohammed in went on to study engineering in the United States. He reportedly developed a dislike of Americans while studying in North Carolina, considering them racist. Soon after he returned to Kuwait, Mohammed followed his brothers to Pakistan where they were working on war relief efforts. Yousef had inspired Mohammed to take an active role in planning attacks against the United States.

Source: National. The Brotherhood had defended the Nusra Front in after the United States labeled the group a terrorist organization. While they may differ in their tactics, both groups derive their ideologies from the same sources, Golani told Al Jazeera. Sources: Ikhwanweb , Arab News. Where the wave of political Islam met success, it was short-lived. The triumphant Islamists spent more time establishing Islamic law and targeting Coptic Christians than providing desperately needed hard currency, natural gas, and food to the afflicted Egyptian people.

The Brotherhood and other Islamists rose to prominence in Libya with the assistance of al-Qaeda-linked fighters , but could not maintain power democratically, rejecting the Libyan election result that favored their political opponents. The resulting civil war has made that country fertile grounds for both al-Qaeda and Islamic State fighters. And while the Islamic State has publicly criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for its relationship with the West, Israeli and Egyptian intelligence officials say the Islamic State in fact receives support from Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood for its attacks in the Sinai.

Here in the United States, law enforcement has been overwhelmed by hundreds of terror cases. While the focus of the media and the Obama administration has been on the Islamic State and its ability to influence potential supporters via the internet, few have noted the repeated appearance of Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Centers and organizations in attacks in Garland, Texas, San Bernardino , and Chattanooga , as well as in connection to several would-be Islamic State fighters who were caught before they could act. It appears the new administration understands this error, and will correct it.

While the Bush Administration was engaged in a military and foreign policy struggle in the Middle East, it was also investigating domestic Islamist activity. A careful study of these early cases revealed that the Brotherhood provided the ideological basis for jihadist violence, but also material support. There were other instances:. Not only did each of these cases, and many others like them, involve Muslim Brothers, but the interlocking web of conspirators and co-conspirators makes clear that that the Muslim Brothers are not a cog in the Islamist terror machine—they are the engineers who designed and run it.

Law enforcement soon found that some of these cases were political hot potatoes. Many of the subjects were wealthy, politically connected, well-regarded religious figures, or perceived as prominent within the Muslim American community. This happened with the knowing cooperation of some of the most prominent and influential Muslims in the country. By late , the Bush Justice Department would prove at trial that many of these organizations and individuals constituted a conspiracy to fund Hamas.

In the wake of the Holy Land Foundation case, those who take the Islamist ideological threat seriously believed that secondary prosecutions targeting Muslim Brotherhood leaders and co-conspirators intimately involved in the Hamas funding scheme would be a crippling blow to domestic Islamist terror networks. But there were no secondary prosecutions.

Regardless, the absence of follow-on cases against unindicted co-conspirators left in place a vast infrastructure that provided millions in hard currency—as well the equivalent of millions of dollars in media and public policy assistance—to terrorist groups. Even now, much of the evidence acquired by the government against the Muslim Brotherhood and its network in the United States—a large portion of which was entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial—remains classified.

Despite multiple requests in the name of legislative oversight, the Obama Justice Department has taken pains to prevent anyone, including Congress, examining it. Perhaps the government considered the Muslim Brotherhood network in the U. How would prosecution of such an entity appear to the broader American community? How would the rest of the Muslim American community respond to an indictment?

If the Muslim Brotherhood network in America and its allies were able to raise a political maelstrom over the conviction of Sami Al Arian, a South Florida professor tied to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, how much louder would a hyper-partisan media and an aggressive, social media-fueled activist infrastructure shriek if, for example, the organizing force behind a quarter of American mosques were indicted?